Friday, June 10, 2011

"The Queen of Merengue" celebrates three decades in music with "Here I am"

Milly Quezada is three decades in music with optimistic and pleased to have experienced the development of the Dominican community in the U.S., merengue success beyond the borders of their country and support of his followers. During his 30 years on stage, celebrating with a new album, Quezada, who began his career in the U.S.

with the group "Milly Jocelyn and Neighbors", has been recognized as the "Queen of Merengue" of what he said be proud, but above all, for being able to interpret the rhythm of his native country and have remained in popular taste. "I feel privileged to have lived as long as the growing Dominican community in New York and needed a musical because we were there we grow with it," Quezada reminded about the time he began his career.

Also being part of "the glorious time of the '80s and '90s with meringue walking all over the world and the creation of a more aggressive identity of women within the genre when it was dominated by men." The singer said in an interview with Efe that "nothing was premeditated," but "a blessing" that has gone on for "three decades of living beautiful music that is exciting." "I thank God for letting me be part of a country so gay , to the fans who supported me being or not in front of radial diffusion and beautiful people in the media who has lived with me this music so exciting.

When I look back and see those blessings, I can not complain, "he said. Quezada Efe also said that boasts "all" the experiences he has accumulated "in the trunk of memories" during the three decades. "It's like the weave tablecloths, where everything is intertwined in a way so beautiful that if you were to get a thread, temple depicts completely.

Everything is so lovingly subject that you can not rule out, "he reiterated, adding that even in difficult moments of his career" I have looked forward with faith. " The singer celebrated his career with his album 30, entitled "Here I am" which is scheduled to go on sale in July in which he plays the romantic merengue "Take My Life" by Alex Cuba, with compatriot Juan Luis War, what becomes the first Dominican artist who records with the famous singer.

The issue was arranged by Yanina Rosado, musical director of War, who also did the arrangement of "What most of the responsibility of Shakira, who recorded Quezada bachata rhythm of this new album. Is also invited to Tito Nieves, who sang "Where is" a ballad composed for Ricardo Montaner Dominican Quezada and recorded to the rhythm of salsa "rhythm and aggressive as well like the Puerto Rican." He recalled that in the early 1980 he recorded a salsa record produced by the Puerto Rican trumpeter Luis "Perico" Ortiz, a genre he says he loves.

It also has a guest of Victor Emmanuel in a "Fuson" (fusion of salsa and are) entitled "Island hopping" by Dionis Fernandez, Puerto Rican salsa singer who sings to the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico Quezada, where he lived and he considers his most important second place after his country.

"There are three important personalities of the tropical music crown my hard thirties. The idea is to be a romantic and festive album "he said, adding that the themes of the album also contained the bolero" Te busco "authored by his compatriot Victor Victor, made popular by Celia Cruz, and" full-renge " "I love you so much" that the Cuban singer Amaury Gutiérrez wrote for her.

"Hopefully, with this disc, which contains bachata, bolero, merengue and salsa can tuck my people with joy due to go ahead and celebrate because whatever happens tomorrow, we have to do it with joy, "he said.

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