Monday, June 13, 2011

Red Hot Chilli Peppers: 14 tracks to the tracklist I'm With You

With the title and date of the album already on the table, the following letter to show the tracklist, at least until it's time to see the cover and listen to a sound first advance. So, following all the steps Preset, Red Hot Chili Peppers let us have a look and what to include its next long, original title, I'm With You.

We know then that the 30th of August, in the long awaited box, we find no fewer than 14 subjects, including those already known to be 'The Adventures Of Raindance Maggie', which appear to be accepting and advance as a single disc, scheduled for July 18. Little more can be removed in the clearing of a tracklist, so there is no choice but to keep waiting for them to let us see and hear something more than a new job that is expected with such excitement and go with the photos entertaining while promotional go of band, as usual.

And we will tell you. 01. Monarchy of Roses 02. Factory of Faith 03. Brendan's Death Song 04. Ethiopia 05. Wants a Baby Annie 06. Look Around 07. The Adventures of Maggie Rain Dance 08. Did I Let You Know 09. Hooray Goodbye 10. Happiness Loves Company 11. Police Station 12. Even You Brutus? 13.

Meet Me at the Corner 14. Dance, Dance, Dance

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