Monday, June 13, 2011

OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark): "We will build again the sound of the future"

It has been more than thirty years since she released her first album, but Andy McCluskey, co-founder of OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark), acting in Madrid on June 14 and Barcelona 15, acknowledges that the group goes through an exciting time exciting career and added: "We will try to create again the sound of the future." Again, because members of OMD they did when released in the early eighties albums Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark or Organisation that have set the style of many of the bands.

"They love electronic music, thirty years later is back in fashion," she said in an interview with Efe in reference to groups such as Hot Chip, MGMT and Cut Copy, who have triumphed in recent years with an eighties electro pop reminiscent . Quite the opposite of what they experienced at the beginning, when the prog rock of the seventies moved masses.

"All my friends were listening to Genesis and Pink Floid" he says. When I appear with synthesizers Kraftwert thought, "I want to do that," But one day in 1975, on the radio, heard McCluskey Autobahn, the German Kraftwert. "Wow, it's different, I like the melodies are really interesting!" recalls, not without some nostalgia, thinking at the time.

He was so impressed with the sound of the German band that same year he went to see them at their concert at the Liverpool Empire Theatre. "I can remember it perfectly, it was Sept. 11 and sat in the seat Q36" he says excitedly. "When I saw them appear with electronic drums and synthesizers I thought 'I want to do that." That was the first day of the rest of my life, "he said.

Together with one of his childhood friends, Paul Humphrey, undertook several projects until 1978, created in the Dark Orchestral manouvre. "We just hired for a concert, but was so successful that soon we proposed to give others," he recalls. Electricity, Enola Gay, Souvenir, its successes were happening without the formula give signs of exhaustion and even separation of the duo in 1988, stopped three years later Andy McCluskey publish Sugar Tax.

It was the new wave of arrivals from UK groups that initiated the decline of OMD: "All refused to previous generations-points. In the nineties the monster of rock music back in the form of Britpop, which opposed the electronic music. " In the nineties the rock monster turned and was opposed to the electronic So in 1996, tired of failing the public by electronic music, McCluskey retired: "We were alone, fashions had changed, and synthesizer bands were not kept "he says.

But the rejection generational much damage they did in the nineties, I would put in orbit in the middle of the last decade, when the influence of new bands, bands like Oasis, Blur and The Smiths began to fade in favor of the rhythms electronic. "There were new artists that are mentioned as an influence, new fans, so in 2007 we went on tour, gave forty concerts in Europe," says the year that returned Paul Humphreys.

"I think we returned to enjoy the two together," he says. In 2010 released a new album of Modern History, which, as a curiosity, including Sister Marie Says, a song that ruled when they were young "because it seemed too Enola Gay." Without the pressure, "the company tells you that you have to have the new album ready for Christmas," and with the same freedom I felt when I was a teenager, McCluskey concludes: "If we have good ideas may endure long time." OMD concerts in Spain will be June 14 at the Madrid Arena and 15 in the Apolo de Barcelona.

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