Monday, June 13, 2011

Supersubmarina: "The music is also experiencing its 15-M"

I like diving in a sea of prefixes and sound predictions to give their discs science fiction titles. After releasing two EPs (Cientocero and another namesake) and the full-length album Electroviral, Supersubmarina back with feedback, another example of pop sung in Castilian to taste epic that represents "the need for feedback after more than 200 concerts throughout Spain" .

We talked to Juan Carlos, drummer for the band. This album has only four cuts. Better music in small doses, that of poor digestion? We published a long-term one year before and we would be good for an EP not to miss more time until the next job. There are many people who follow and the group and it's good to outstanding.

Some have been likened to Vetusta Morla. "Comparisons are odious? Morla Vetusta do their job well, like many people and when someone wins, the rest left behind. But we warmed up with that much head. We made some references to a news Twitter Rolling Stone that we included in a report titled groups who want to be Vetusta Morla.

In this case, the title seemed derogatory. After five years in the music you say you want to look like another band is not pleasant. How does it feel when the music goes from being a hobby to a profession? Joy. In our case it was a personal and financial commitment and like any business, when you see that there have been results, you're happy.

It has been a great investment, a lot of headaches and listen every day your parents say you're wasting your time. Now they too are happy. Son of a town of Jaen. Do all groups in Spain have the same opportunities or the music business is centralized? Today there are no barriers. We come from Baeza, a town of 17,000, but we publish our music online and someone from New Mexico to listen.

Now the songs come from all over the world. What musical tastes shared by all members of the band? We are very eclectic: from electronic music to rock. Hear Moby, Chemical Brothers and Wilco. We love the Foo Fighters latest album ... And we like Radiohead. Always one step ahead of other groups and create discs that will seem strange at first, then the host.

That's what happens with artists who innovate, to be included has to spend time. Patxi López has provided its ranking of best songs and artists. Dare to facilitate ranking of politicians? We are very angry. Our ranking of politicians begin in 100 and ending at 50, but the positions of 50 to 1 would be deserted.

We are more people who have camped in the streets than with politicians. Do you need music for a 15-M? The movement of 15-M is already living in music and has had an impact on their industry. Companies are losing power and groups increasingly have more control over their work, something that had been looking for a long time.

We are on a major label, Sony, and yet we have total freedom to create whatever we want. They are betting on what is Supersubmarina not meant to change. The labels have realized the need to allow more freedom to groups and be less focused on what is commercial and what is not. The movement began long ago and has finally managed to change the industry, so we hope that also meet the angry demand in cities.

They are in the cartel's Day Music in Sound Arenal in the Bside ... is there a festival which will not play this summer? In the FIB! It is our unfinished business. IFF IFF is the most important festival in Spain. We must work hard to get there. Although we are happy: we, in addition to those you mentioned, in others the size of Sonorama, Low Cost ...

With so much touring, how are the groupies? What the groupie phenomenon has changed. It is no longer idolizes groups as before. Today every group member has a profile on Facebook with which to communicate directly with their fans and much more accessible. That distance has been eliminated making the artist an idol.

Only remains among the teenagers, who are a bit confusing ... There is a twitterers who has written in his profile: "What's Supersubmarina I did not understand before. I just heard one of his songs that appear on the Camel." What are the criticisms? Provided they are constructive, either.

As far as the Camel, the truth is that I can hardly see the similarities. The views, if not done with malice, are welcome. But in this comment I see a little ... "Bad faith?

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