Sunday, June 12, 2011

Roberto Gonzalez dies 'Rockberto' singer Tabletom Malaga

The Malaga-born singer Tabletom, Roberto Gonzalez, known as 'Rockberto' died this last night at 04.00 pm in the Clinical Hospital of Málaga. Has been a major hallmark of Malaga in the 80's rock and so far The singer was in the hospital because he had suffered severe breathing problems. The CEO of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, Manuel Jesus Garcia, has indicated that Gonzalez's death is a "great loss to Malaga culture" and recalled "the sound, music and lyrics Tabletom, which will Roberto was a distinct personality.

" "It has been a hallmark of Malaga in the 80's rock and so far," she added. It also stated that 'Rockberto' "is attached to the biography and memories of adolescence and youth in Malaga generations." Finally, Garcia highlighted the "wonderful memories" that keeps the singer, which he said was "a peculiar person but with plenty of character, full of wisdom and with a particular worldview that moved in their letters."

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