Sunday, June 12, 2011

White Lies, Video of 'Holy Ghost': the missionaries knock on your door. Are you going to open?

Javimetal already said about the lack of personality of White Lies when he made his criticism of his latest work, Ritual: when no material with which to attract attention, you have to do with other things, such as disc publishing your calendar dates that you will not find a lot of competition, or perhaps a video recording that raises blisters on more than one.

The move already we have seen so many others do not need CIOTA here, that of mixing religion with music has been at the end of the street, with all that implies: first will be those who put their hands to head and the other those who say it is wise for iconoclastic and transgressive and blah blah blah ...

The fact is that while 'Holy Ghost' I do not think the worst of Ritual, nor is it to shoot rockets. It's just another example of the lack of differentiation of these guys, they all meet in a pleasant music, without more, a compendium of cliches and hackneyed references that deal, that if, to replace it with wit in other areas such as the visual.

The video itself is not bad, and fits perfectly with the lyrics of the song, but not enough to make us pay more attention to the album. Nice try guys.

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