Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seth Putnam dies, lead singer of Anal Cunt: very few will miss him

Seth Putnam of Anal Cunt leader, was found dead Saturday morning, was 43 years and the probable cause of death is a heart attack. The news was confirmed Twitter via his publicist, Kim Kelly, who from his Catharsis PR agency took all the promotion of the band's latest album, Fuckin 'A. Putna, one of the most lawless in the grindcore, was known for his alcoholic excesses and abuse of narcotics, being hospitalized in October 2004 as a result of an overdose of having consumed a lethal combination of sleeping pills, crack, cocaine , alcohol and heroin.

The two months he was in coma she took their toll: paralysis, mental problems ... those who got over in some way. Seth Putnam was born in 1968 in Boston (Massachusetts) and in the mid 80's he joined on bass in the thrash metal band Executioner. Anal Cunt In 1988 he formed a group labeled noisegrind whose sound blends the brutal cry of the singer, totally distorted guitars and a rhythm section out of touch.

There is no structure, what mattered were the lyrics offensive, politically incorrect, obscene and provocative, all synthesizer in very bad taste. Anal Cunt had a checkered career, as a result of the excesses of its components, especially Seth Putnam, who recorded vocals on "Suicide Note Pt 2 ', included in The Great Southern Trendkill, the penultimate album of Pantera.

Emblematic seals fought in Relapse and after the overdose Earache but the singer the band returned to recording any other record, but returned to the stage. Anal Cunt leave a lot of EP, compilations and albums whose songs do not leave anyone indifferent: 'Hitler Was a Sensistive Man', 'Domestic Violence is Really, Really Funny', 'I Pushed Your Wife in Front of the Subway', ' I Ate You Horse ',' I Sold Your Dog To A Chinese Restaurant 'or' Your Kid Is Deformed '.

For something her publicist Seth Putnam defined as: "One of the most infamous extreme metal musicians." Few will miss him.

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