Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shakira, booed by their fans at a concert in Switzerland

Over time people will not be playing much less with their money. That should have taught that in Colombia when he began his European tour. And is that if people in Barcelona and protested the lateness of the 'rabid' singer, now in Switzerland Piqué girlfriend took a shower of boos. In Barcelona, people had complained about his impuntualidadShakira traveled to Switzerland to delight their fans to the rhythm of Rabid, Loca and Waka-waka, but he must have forgotten to let the clock because he arrived late.

And to wait for Europe's most punctual of the old continent has cost him dearly. A clock hour and a half had to wait all the fans to see the bride on stage Piqué. At first, his hopes were entertained with a DJ, but in the moment that left their plates, the boos and the whistling stopped not succeed.

On some songs left to sing and hear his voice And still worse, when the fans were in full fun moving your hips with the Waka-waka, Shakira "disappeared from the stage and never returned. Then the lights. It was 23.00 pm and , tas and a half hours of concert, the concert was the end. "A terrible disappointment", according to published 24CON.

Given that the tickets cost between 75 and 90 Swiss francs (62 and 74 euros), normal people to put an Nail. "In some songs she stopped singing and listened as the song went on with his voice, as if by magic", as highlighted a number of those attending the music event.

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