Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Schajris Noel pays tribute to colleagues in his album "Great Songs"

San Juan, May 31 (EFE) .- The singer Noel Schajris argentinomexicano in San Juan today introduced its new album, "Great Songs", which pays tribute to artists like Juan Luis Guerra, Ricky Martin, Ricardo Montaner, Franco De Vita and Eric Clapton. "Bachata Rosa" War, "A Medio Vivir by Martin," I will miss, "Montaner," I love you ", De Vita," Tears in Heaven "by Clapton," Lamento Boliviano " of Enanitos Verdes, and "Who is like You" by Ana Gabriel are some of the topics included in the production, which goes on sale on June 7th.

Schajris said today in an interview with EFE that he wanted to do a "tribute" to many who "are now friends on the road" and have become idols. The former member of the duo Sin Bandera said the songs on this album we like, we grew and we identify "with them and in which feelings are similar to those he turns on the topics up for other artists like Luis Fonsi, Diego Torres, Gian Marco and Paulina Rubio.

"I have the fortune to write songs for people who fill them hugs and feelings. These are issues that represent something in their lives, and these, as I did the same, "he added. Schajris, 36, agreed, however, that the creative process of the album was "difficult", yet "fun" because "the more you have fun, the easier it is and lose the fear." He noted that "Bachata Rosa", re-recorded in the sort of bossanova, liked since I first heard that the beginning of the nineties.

"I wanted to bring these songs to a new territory. People liked him, but the important thing is that Juan Luis also liked "he said. With "Tears in Heaven", however, remained at ballad as Clapton recorded it in the early eighties and that he dedicated to his son, who died accidentally after falling off a building.

"The issue remains in ballad it would have been a sacrilege out of that genre because it is a very deep song, strong and powerful, "he said. It is not the first time Schajris recorded in English, as he had done with Brian McKnight's version of the Christmas carol "Silent Night" and "Imagine", the former member of the Beatles John Lennon.

Said he decided to publish "Great songs" this year to remind his followers that still works, to a year to release his latest album with unreleased tracks, "One is not one." "This is a gift to my fans and let them know that not just disappear in time because I'm working on my new album, "he explained Schajris, who acknowledged the work of its musicians, bassist Tony Levin, drummer Lee Levin, and guitarist Dan Warner.

Schajris not just in Puerto Rico for the presentation of his new album, but for his performance on Monday in celebration of 60 anniversary of the BE philanthropic organization, which raised $ 1.5 million. On his next production, said he was "very excited", dreaming and pulling ideas. Said it would be more important than before because you will have the collaboration of top Latin artists to "have the excuse of playing the piano and move the hips." By: Jorge J.

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