Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Youtube removed from its website the song with alleged threats to the journalist Pilar Rahola

The website YouTube has removed the punk band's song in which Islam is said repeatedly "I will kill Pilar Rahola, a plaster cat" after the reporter put a complaint of threats and instructed the court that the case send a requisition to the U.S. authorities to withdraw the Youtube video. It seemed funny rhyme Now broadcasting portal, instead of the video, a message that reads: "This video has been removed due to a violation of YouTube's policy regarding the prohibition of hate speech." The journalist has not wanted to pronounce about the letter sent by the group in which he apologized and assured that the matter "has a legal path." The punk group said on Tuesday that its theme (the end of this page) responds to the sense of humor and rhyme, and not the threat, they never thought that the humorous song could reach so many people upset and does not give rise to feeling threatened, because the letter says "I'll kill Pilar Rahola, a plaster cat." "We thought it was funny to rhyme," explained qualifying which related to a plaster cat "of the Chinese" and stating that they are a group of students who play punk to four friends and they sent a letter to the Web reporter apologizing for the misunderstanding and ensuring no relationship with Islamist groups.


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