Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis video for 'I'm So Sorry': family now gives the rock ska

Seeing the three siblings Kitty, Daisy & Lewis on stage accompanied by their parents is quite a spectacle. By discipline and seriousness with which they take is inevitable imagine that all this collection of tools that anyone can play three were his only toys as children, not too long ago. His first self-titled album flavored rockabilly worked and helped them make that leap so important when it debuts in the music move you do not know anyone that everybody talks about you.

I since then have not stopped listening and that few songs lately are able to charge both batteries and "Going Up the Country '. Never fails. Now have just released their second album, Smoking in Heaven (attention to the smoke that are sticking on the cover) on CD, digital download, double heavyweight vinyl and even a special collector's edition consists of a hard cover album style 50 '8-10-inch vinyl 78 rpm.

It is clear that theirs is the revival. His first single is 'I'm So Sorry' a theme that sounds more like The Skatalities Jamaican ska, a style that were already developed in concert. Not bad, but honestly I pulled over his role rockandrollera I hope that still remain in the rest of the album.

They announced a bunch of concerts until September and so far not one in our country. A shame, as I say that they do not win concert curious one and the same are capable of moving into the 50's that a movie by John Waters. Admittedly, they are quite geeks. I'm sorry too.

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