Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Aerosmith back in the studio for a very anticipated album

Now that Steven Tyler has completed its successful first season as a judge on "American Idol" will return to his official work with Aerosmith. The singer and her four band mates plan to meet next month with veteran producer Jack Douglas to start working on his highly anticipated album, said Tuesday guitarist Joe Perry.

"The whole group plans to go to study with Jack Douglas the second week of July to work on the new CD Aero, "said Perry on Twitter. The album was recorded in the Massachusetts study that the band formed six years ago specifically to work with Douglas, Perry said last month. The entire group - except for Perry, who had a previous commitment - met for eight days earlier this year to prepare the album.

Aerosmith has not release an album of new material since the "Just Push Play" in 2001. Attempts to record a follow have been interrupted by internal strife and a series of health problems that have affected the majority of its members. In recent years, Tyler has quarreled with his bandmates while trying to develop various solo projects.

It was a popular addition to the lineup of "American Idol" this season, and used the fame of the program to promote his solo debut and autobiography. Aerosmith will take a break from recording to start a South American tour in Peru on 22 October. Once the new album is finished, the group plans to travel to the United States has said Perry.

Douglas worked on albums by Aerosmith and "Get Your Wings", 1974, "Toys in the Attic", 1975, and "Rocks", 1976. Rejoined the group in 2004 in his collection of blues classics "Honkin 'on Bobo."

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