Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Iron Maiden, hurt: "We are better than Metallica"

A Iron Maiden has not sat at all well to the music magazine Kerrang! has published the results of a survey conducted with the opinions of its readers that points to Metallica as the best rock band of the 3rd recent years. I am looking for a problem if I say we're better than Metallica, but it is true that the name of The Iron Maiden in the third position of the list (the second is occupied by Green Day) is not sufficient for the band led by Bruce Dickinson, who has complained publicly through an interview granted to Metal Hammer: "I am looking for a problem to say that we are better than Metallica, but it's true!" he says on this.

"Metallica could be better than us, sell more tickets to their concerts and have won more gold records (...) but they are not Iron Maiden," says Born in 1975 in London, Iron Maiden is considered one of the formations most influential heavy metal history, an honor he shares with Metallica.

However, the latter of U.S. origin, was formed a few years later (in 1981) and appears in some musical encyclopedias as heirs of the British sound. "Iron Maiden have always been the draft of what we wanted to do," openly confessed a few days ago the drummer for Metallica. Maybe the students have managed to beat the teacher?

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