Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blondie: "Panic of Girls' new album in July 2011

Event in pop rock. The group of Debbie Harry, Blondie will release July 16, 2011 a brand new album, "Panic of Girls." "Panic of Girls" will be the ninth studio album by American Music Blondie. Any band Debbie Harry has recorded their new album in November and December 2010 in the town of Woodstock in upstate New York.

With their 37 years career and more than 40 million albums sold around the world, Blondie wanted a return to the source for this new album 2011. Clem Burke, drummer, said that nearly 35 songs were recorded for "Panic Of Girls", but only 14 were selected for the album. He also stated that all members of the group had contributed to this album and the singer Debbie Harry had written most of the lyrics.

Having never been the kind of band to limit his musical horizons, for the album "Panic of Girls", the band Blondie has, once again, surrounded by a remarkable team to give his compositions aspects still attractive. Mainly produced by the band The Killers, the album "Panic of Girls" is a worthy successor to "No Exit", published in 1999, and ends a decade of famine music for fans of Blondie.

The cover of the album "Panic of Girls" is illustrated by a surrealist painting by Dutch artist Chris Berens. For the contents of the disc "Panic of Girls, Blondie album offers a seductive and shows that the group has lost none of his genius. Beyond the facets of the electronic first single "Mother", a surprise awaits the public speaking group Blondie.

Indeed, the group sang the song "Blue" Debbie Harry sings in French and the title makes a heartfelt tribute to Jacques Brel and Serge Gainsbourg. Finally, Blondie promises many more surprises with "Panic of Girls."

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