Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kasabian go back to their origins with Switchblade Smile: Will there be news in Velociraptor!?

We are following developments, now with Kasabian, whom we had time without knowing anything, but we wanted to hear. And is that yesterday, Zane Lowe, on his Radio 1 program, unveiled one of the topics that will be included on the next album of Leicester, 'Switchblade Smile'. But the news does not end there, and thanks to Sergio Pizzorno knew not long ago that, as stipulated in fees recently in UK, had crossed the pond to go to Los Angeles and San Francisco to record the songs that will integrate its highly anticipated next album.

Because, it goes without saying that this is one of the most anticipated albums of the year, we wanted to see if Kasabian continue to innovate, as they did especially with its huge debut, or if things continue where they left with their not so successful Pauper Lunatic Asylum West Ryder.

Switchblade Smiles by kasabian But guess what now you are interested to fill all the pools is not about what you offer or not, but de facto data, we have them, do not worry. Just yesterday, Kasabian kept awake the title to take his new collection, which is none other than Velociraptor!, A name that already shuffled to a subject (which is confirmed) a lot more restrained than the last and whose confirmation was given a surprise more than one.

We also have the date, approximate, but in the end far out as it will be in September, right around the holidays when we hear Velociraptor! in full. And of course, we tracklist, that we leave then advance that although I will be 11 items that make up the fourth album by Kasabian. Now we just wait and see if Velociraptor! meets expectations.

I always expect a new release of this band with great interest, though I must admit that none of these has achieved the surprise debut as he did that. This shows that we leave here in the usual line of Kasabian, powerful beats and synthetic sounds imposed on the personality of the guitar, and have a sound track of the paths that can lead: missing a hook 'Club Foot ', a' LSF 'or' Reason Is Treason ', and the truth, to me this' Switchblade Smile 'does not surprise me much, although admittedly that is effective as it were' Vlad The Impaler 'or' Underdog '.

But I, to this day, and ask no surprise to an album, but few filler tracks. 01. Let's Roll Just Like We Used To 02. Days Are Forgotten 03. Kiss Goodbye 04. La Fée Verte 05. Velociraptor! 06. Turkish Acid Bath (Shelter From The Storm) 07. I Hear Voices 08. Re-wired 09. Man Of Simple Pleasures 10.

Switchblade Smiles 11. Noon Neon Ah! finally say that if you reserve and Velociraptor! here, Kasabian have the delicacy of regale 'Switchblade Smile' And thanks to Lucia for her notice.

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