Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kylie Minogue: soon in your smartphone

While Kylie Minogue is currently on tour full "Aphrodite - The Follies," it has also arrived on the Australian continent, the superstar of hits has announced it is launching its own video game through an application for smartphone. At this stage in land conquered in advance for the Australian singer Kylie Minogue has offered his audience a preview, size information.

Confirmed by the record label, Kylie Minogue will propose to all his fans a common application for mobile phones around the artist. Kylie Minogue on this game is developed through collaboration between EMI Music and publisher of games and social 3ME should be released before summer 2011.

3ME is a company specializing in music applications for smartphones and tablets. While few details have yet filtered the entire contents of this application, its price for example, we already know that fans of Kylie Minogue must have the agility, memory, and a lot of knowledge about career singer!

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