Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Martin Solveig: "Smash" album 2011

Expected for several months and especially with the success of "Hello", the new album by Martin Solveig "Smash" is finally available. To celebrate the release of his new album the French DJ proposes a new parallel and third single from "Smash", the song "The Night Out" successor promptly "Ready 2 Go" Smash ", the new album by Martin Solveig is available since June 6, 2011 in France, Belgium, Switzerland on downloading platforms and will be released on CD a week later.

Three years after his album "C'est La Vie Martin Solveig performs a" Smash "decisive. An album awaited by fans of DJ for since the announcement of the release of the album "Smash", the DJ has already submitted two singles "Hello" and "Ready 2 Go". The three hits by Martin Solveig have been two clips that can be described as short films.

With his first three extracts, Martin Solveig has treated and prepared the release of his album "Smash". "Smash" is a quality album, Martin Solveig took his time to offer a unique album. Besides his hits already presented, we see the songs "Big In Japan" and "Racer 21" that offer different sounds and release a bit unconventional.

Finally, "The Night Out," which is simply the new single from Martin Solveig, do not let the lions share .. Announced last week by Martin Solveig himself on his Facebook page, the new single from "Smash," "The Night Out," combines sounds reminiscent of much deeper background of "French touch".

On the song, there is still the style intro. that became a hallmark of the artist, Martin Solveig breath "Indie Dance" providing this future groom unstoppable hit. On "The Night Out", we find again the participation of Dragonette! With "Smash" in the bins, Martin Solveig will now launch its large summer tour.

Martin Solveig will take to heart the crowds dancing on their album "Smash" at his concert series titled "Summer Smash Tour". Martin Solveig is the "Main Square Festival d'Arras" July 1, the "Francofolies" in La Rochelle on July 16, the Festival d'Hyeres »August 5, and" Wine Fair in the "Colmar 10 August 2011! Here is the tracklisting of the album "Smash" by Martin Solveig: 01 - Hello (Single Edit) 02 - Ready 2 Go (Single Edit) 03 - The Night Out 04 - Can not Stop 05 - Racer 21 06 - We Came To Smash 07 - Big In Japan 08 - Get Away From You 09 - Boys & Girls (Original Edit) 10 - Let's Not Play Games

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