Friday, June 3, 2011

Arch Enemy - Khaos Legions: have lowered the general level?

It is what it is when one of the most anticipated albums of one of your favorite bands takes four years to reach and a concerned public and exclaim oh! That's what happened to me last Legions Khaos, ninth studio album from Arch Enemy. The level had been achieved since he joined the Swedish band Angela Gossow, who started with Wages of Sin (Century Media, 2002) broke the record The Root of All Evil, an album that classic material recovered first time with the vocalist and a more contemporary sound.

The result was a want and I can not. Video | YouTube Comparing Khaos Legions Rise Of The Tyrant, their previous studio album, this is a step in that path taken by Arch Enemy on that deviated from what they had done until Doomsday Machine, on the other hand, my album favorite throughout his career.

The Swedish beast has not been domesticated, is still in the wild but the savagery is like the beasts in a controlled natural park. And this might not sound like a criticism because Arch Enemy has the best sound in its history focused on this song. And Angela Gossow continues to surprise, yes, still at this point, with a variety of tones, grunts and amazing registry changes, it suffices to mention the song 'No Gods, No Masters' keen ear that is a delight.

Although the media overexposure of this girl I do not think that ultimately they have benefited. Video | YouTube But it also seems that the death of Arch Enemy metal has lost punch. Michael Amott and his brother Christopher, you were still about capturing standard riffs, but overall it is now impossible to drool you listening.

Disappointed? Yes, it expects a record of 9 and I find one of a 6.5, much more melodic than usual in this quintet, who says that although there will continue as before. 'Yesterday is Dead And Gone' was the advance single, a critical anti-evidenced in the video that gave us several weeks ago.

It is a little control of where the band. Michael Amott himself and said that this album contains some of the fastest songs I've recorded with a handful of times media heavies. Indeed, in the first group would be the supertécnica'Cruelty Without Beauty 'and the second' Cult of Chaos' with Angela Gossow Succubus transformed into the underworld.

And amid a great song, to me is what I liked most of the 11 published (the other 3 are interludes), entitled "Bloodstained Cross'. It's funny but most of what would motivate me to purchase a copy of Khaos Legions, because the cover is not just convinced me and see that I've looked and looked again, it MediaBook Japanese edition with two bonus tracks which includes the CD Covered in Khaos with versions of 'Warning' Discharge 'Wings Of Tomorrow' of Europe, 'The Oath' Kiss 'and' The Book Of Heavy Metal Dream Evil.

Khaos tracklist Legions of Arch Enemy 1. Khaos Overture (instrumental) 2. Yesterday Is Dead And Gone 3. Bloodstained Cross 4. Under Black Flags We March 5. No Gods, No Masters 6. City Of The Dead 7. Through The Eyes Of A Raven 8. Beauty Without Cruelty 9. We Are A Godless Entity (instrumental) 0.

Cult Of Chaos 11. Thorns In My Flesh 12. Turn To Dust (instrumental) 13. Vengeance Is Mine 14. Secrets Photo Gallery (Click on images to enlarge) Official Site | More Hypersonic Arch Enemy | Arch Enemy reveal the tracklist and give us a theme Legions Khaos

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