Thursday, June 2, 2011

Digitalism Julian Casablancas, the perfect hook for the unconvinced

Digitalism are almost out of the oven for her new album, I Love You Dude. And many will argue that you do not you roll-mail goes well. It is normal. We often have very sharp taste and synthesizers that can collide with the music more "traditional" guitar. Digitalism play in that league, synthesizers, but are seduced by the more punk and rock slopes of synthetic music, and are experts when it comes to hybridize genera is beyond doubt, as demonstrated long time ago with their first album, Idealism.

So much so that, if it had not won enough supporters without complexes in the world of guitars and traditional bands, now for your next job, take the bait again, waiting for the appreciation of those already in their networks and take the chance to catch some new follower outside their usual waters.

Digitalism - Forrest Gump (feat. Julian Casablancas) by RTribouillier And what better way than with a name like Julian Casablancas Stroke? The result, this 'Forrest Gump', inspired by the desire to run the character was not stupid, they say the Internet gossip is based compound mails between the Germans and the New Yorker, and combining without complex any kind of electronics, guitars and punk ...

and to top it works! Blitz - Digitalism by VNN And now also I have the attention of all Casablancas fans around here, I can tell you I Love You Dude has had a couple of singles in advance, starting with 'Blitz' with some months their backs now, and perhaps a bit less hook 'Forrest Gump', but no less interesting.

And another example is '2 Hearts', the last and latest outpost which puts us in a less punk, more indie, more progressive and so much distortion as in the case of collaboration with Casablancas, whose galactic video also calls our little heart ReacTable based homeland. Watch the video at the original site.

So, if you are not followers and the German duo, but I am convinced with these arguments, you know that you can do with the full album from June 20, with 7 other issues besides these 3. 01 Stratosphere February 2 Hearts Circles 04 03 05 Forrest Gump Blitz Reeperbahn 06 08 07 Antibiotics Just Gazin '09 Miami Showdown 10 Encore 3 reasons, of course, be added to the already existing religion converted to digital, and if you are new believers, and you can start counting the days until June 20, as we have some time doing the faithful believe.

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